PHP7/8 application development containers.

kickstart-flavor PHP :: Apache2, PHP7, PHP8 development container

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Use -min images in Dockerfile and main image in .kick.yml

Tag OS Branch CKit Docs
7.2 Ubuntu 18.04 7.2-stable 1.0 Readme
7.2-min Ubuntu 18.04 7.2-stable 1.0  
7.4 Ubuntu 20.04 7.4-stable 1.1 Readme
7.4-min Ubuntu 20.04 7.4-stable 1.1  
unstable Ubuntu 20.04 (master), PHP8 master unstable Readme

Kickstart uses a fixed version of Ckit to keep the features freeze within a version.

Install additional packages

The container comes with no additional Modules pre-installed except xdebug. You might want to add the following packages to your .kick.yml packages: section to install them.

You’ll find all available modules by running apt update && apt search php8.0

Example: Using Curl

packages: [php8.0-curl, php8.0-http, php8.0-raphf]

Default configuration

By default, the document root points to /opt/www with a FallbackResource configured to /index.php. You can add specific Options using the .htaccess file.

See kickstart/conf/ for default configuration. You can override these by placing the files into .kicker/conf/ directory of your project. The configuration will be written each time the container starts. So you can add specific configuration based on ENV settings.

Default Config

Installed Software

Make sure your IDE has plugins installed for:

Using the xdebug debugger / profiler with PhpStorm

Xdebug is enabled by default if you are in development mode (the project is run by

Xdebug is configured to connect the IDE on the Docker-Host-IP (which is the first configured IP of your host machine - determined by on Port 9003

PhpStorm IDE settings (global)

Activate remote debugging in Settings:


Project settings

Open Run > Edit configurations…


The idekey and serverName is the name of your project!

Enable Path Mappings:


Ensure serverName, idekey and configName is the same of your project name

Start Debugging via browser

To start debugging via browser open:


Start CLI debugging

just set the breakpoint

Troubleshooting the debugging

If debugging won’t work, use our checklist to determine the cause:

1) Verfiy with PhpStorm Debug validator. (Make sure Path to validation script is the full path to your www-root)

1) Check the docker-host’s IP was propagated correctly. - The IP should be set as environment-variable DOCKER_HOST_IP - Inside the container type echo $DOCKER_HOST_IP should print your ip

> A) Check is the newest version (perform ./ --upgrade)

> B) Solution: Check `hostname -i` returns your primary IP address on your
> host machine.

2) Check the IDE is connectable from within the container on Port 9003 (new port since PHP8.0) - Install netcat and try the script below: sudo apt install netcat nc -zw3 $DOCKER_HOST_IP 9000 && echo "OK: IDE is reachable on port 9003" || echo "ERROR: IDE unreachable" > A) Check if you can reach this PORT from outside the container. If not your IP might be wrong, > or your IDE is not correctly configured.

3) Check your IDE-Settings.