Kickstart Windows Setup

This document covers

  • Setup kickstart develompent environment on Windows10

Setup Windows 10 workstation

This document assumes you have your project located in drive C:.



Required Options in Docker for Windows

  • Open Docker for Windows settings
    • Expose docker deamon
      1. Go to General settings
      2. To expose the docker deamon enable the marked option in the picture below docker deamon expose

Configure the ubuntu shell

  • Open the command line pompt and enter bash to enter the ubuntu shell

  • If you see you are logged in as user root, you need to create a unprivileged user account inside the shell. Therefor execute:
    • Create a new user account inside the ubuntu shell and give it administrative privileges to run sudo:
      adduser <username>
      usermod -aG sudo <username>
    • Exit the ubuntu shell and set the default username by running:
      ubuntu config --default-user <username>
    • Run bash again: You should now be logged in as user
  • You’re now in the ubuntu bash. Enter the following lines to configure kickstart for windows:
    sudo apt update && upgrade
    sudo apt install
    echo "export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://" >> ~/.kickstartconfig
    echo "export KICKSTART_WIN_PATH=C:/" >> ~/.kickstartconfig

    You will find your C:/ drive under /mnt/c.


Go back to getting started guide and follow the instructions.

Frequent problems / solutions:

  • Kickstart complains about /opt beeing empty

    This indicates, docker-daemon has no access to you local drive or your KICKSTART_WIN_PATH is not set correctly.

    Solution: Open Docker for Windows. Go to Resources > File sharing. Remove all drives and add them again. You will be asked for your password. Access should be working right after.

  • Kickstart complains about ports beeing already in use

    Kickstart normally requires ports 80,4000,4100,4200 not to be assigned already. Use netstat -ab on the windows shell to investigate the programs using these ports.